Trulawn Luxury

Trulawn Luxury is our personal favourite as well as being our bestselling grass. What sets it apart is its amazingly realistic appearance and the fact it’s made from 100% Polyethylene. Trulawn Luxury has a pile height of 32mm and dense fibres. Unrivalled for quality and appearance.

Trulawn Regal

A High quality 32mm pile grass. Very realistic. Best grass for the value in the industry

Trulawn Supreme

Trulawn Supreme is super soft and super lush. We love its slightly longer 37mm pile height which gives it that spring meadow look all year round.

Trulawn Continental

Trulawn Continental gives the look of a well-tended summer lawn – and you won’t need to lift a finger. An authentic looking 20mm pile height, with added brown root zone.

Trulawn Leisure

A great value grass which is just the job when there’s lots of ground to cover. Also perfect for exhibitions and events. Short Pile 20mm and a realistic entry level product.


New to the range in 2015 Invictus is fast becoming our most popular item. A beautifully lush green lawn surface with our new V blade Intelligence Yarn™. Pile Height: 30mm or 35mm. Suitable for garden lawns, playgrounds and roof terraces


A popular multi project item with rich green tones and yarn bulk. Pile Height: 30mm. Suitable for Lawns, play area's, roof gardens, pool side and over decking.


For that clean cut lawn finish. Suitable for patios, roof gardens, pool sides and over decking  The product also stands 18mm tall making it ideal for landscaping applications as well as events, promotions and point of sale displays. Image conforms to all British and European standards for porosity and flammability


Benefits of Artificial Grass

  • 1

    The grass is durable, so you can expect it to last, particularly in areas of heavy usage, such as walkways and playgrounds.

  • 2

    Light maintenance is all that is needed once the grass is installed, so no more lugging the lawn mower around, or having the mower serviced annually.

  • 3

    You won’t need to mow or water the grass, or even apply fertilisers or pesticides, therefore, helping the environment and saving yourself money.

  • 4

    You don’t need to water artificial grass. For those on water meters it also offers a saving; during warm weather it’s estimated that as much as 75% of residential water is used to irrigate lawns.

  • 5

    No mud, no mess, no fuss!


Case Studies

Courtyard Garden Transformation

We turned this dated garden into a bright timeless design to suit the luxurious barn converstion it belongs to.

Town Garden Redesign

A complete redesign for this town garden in Hereford.

Small Lawn in Herefordshire!

The transformation of a small, muddy, grassed area, into a pristine, mud free, beautifully maintained, artificial grassed area.